The World Bank/ESMAP ESMAP The World Bank Moving Forward the Tariff Reform in Ukraine

During the period from January, 2015 through April, 2015 ECO Press provided services on the implementation of the public information campaign within the framework of the project “Moving Forward Energy Tariff Reforms”.

Trainings were organized through the local Press Clubs in each region with participation of local authorities, experts and Bank staff.

As a result, ECO Press Agency  offered, organized and implemented 6 training workshops in the regional hubs and one training for regional media in Kyiv, which involved journalists from 24 regions of Ukraine.

Journalists representing the most popular regional TV, Radio, printed press and Internet media took part in the training workshops. Also, we invited representatives of local radio companies and city/rayon newspapers from the rayon centers and small towns.Total number of participants was 278 people.

The training workshops have significantly influenced the understanding by the journalists of the need of Tariff Reform to achieve energy independence of the country, understanding of its goal, mechanisms and social protection activities for the low income populations.

Overall, the media trainings resulted in almost 273 materials and publications. including TV, radio, printed press and Internet. According to the preliminary estimates, the total audience of this coverage exceeded 14,1 million people.